Pre-Treatment Instructions

If you use retinols, active acids on your skin, please discontinue use 4 weeks before if possible. No sun or UV beds for 4 weeks before or after. Also discontinue use of brow serums 8 weeks before. If you will be on or around your cycle, you will be a little more sensitive. No alcohol, or any blood thinners 48 hours before unless instructed by a doctor. Also avoid vitamin E or omega3s a couple of days before. If you're ill, have fever, or on steroids / antibiotics, we must reschedule. We will not do your session that day if you come in sick, and your deposit will be forfeited. Please limit caffeine the day of. As long as your brow has a defined shape, we can work with that. If this means getting them waxed or threaded, please do so before your appointment. If you normally get your brows tinted, we highly recommend you do so before your appointment.

POST TREATMENT: We will go into further detail at our appointment, but absolutely NO SUN, SWEAT, WATER, STEAM, OR MAKEUP ON THE BROWS FOR 10- 14 DAYS FOLLOWING YOUR APPOINTMENT or your healed result will be effected.

If possible, come in with your brows shaded in as you would wear them normally so your artist can get an idea of what you have been used too. Then, your artist will work their magic on what best suits your face shape, features and aesthetic to give you the most natural look.

Feel free to bring your eyebrow products that you use with you. Your artist can also recommend other products if you're not totally in love with what you have or if it's not the best formula or color for you. That way, the days you want to touch up your brows with product and add some drama, you'll have the perfect shades to work with.