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3D Manual Eyebrow Micro-blading:

  • (manual hair strokes, and the softest, and most natural look. If you want a more shaded in, makeup look, YOU DO NOT WANT MICRO-BLADING). Not ideal for everyone including oily skin types, mature or damaged skin, and clients with little to no brow hairs. $700

"Blade and Shade" Combo Look:

  • (manual hair strokes + soft shading to give a textured look from hair strokes, and soft, dusty color throughout the brow.) Better option for oily/combination skin, clients with sparse eyebrows, and if you prefer a slightly more dramatic look than micro-blading gives. $800



Full Set:

  • whether it's a new beginning or a fresh start... or if you waited too long between fills (4.5 weeks or more) Prices vary by technique (Classic, hybrid or volume lashes). $150-250


  • consistency is key and this is the best way to keep your lashes looking beautiful! $65-85

New Client Fill:

  • to fill in other artists’ works, I have to assess your left over lash extensions. if necessary, I might have to do a forced removal and reschedule for a full set at a later date if we do not have time. $105

Options: Classic, Volume, or Hybrid (mix between classic and volume)

Beauty Application:

  • for any event from senior prom to a special event. $100