Located deep in the heart of Dallas, The Brow Project has been offering a variety of permanent makeup services since 2016. Since their opening, their services have expanded to cosmetic and aesthetic services like lip blushing, smoky lash enhancement, procell therapies microchanneling, and saline tattoo removal. The Brow Project is now becoming one of Dallas's premier & luxury beauty studios & med spas! They have worked their magic on over 5,000+ local Dallasites, with clients coming from all over the U.S. for their artistry, skill and expertise. With great attention to detail and exceptional client service, The Brow Project has become 'The' destination for permanent beauty and named Dallas' 2019" Best Beauty Experience by Dallasites 101, 7 Most Exclusive Beauty Treatments in Dallas by PureWow, and recognized in Paper City Magazine, Dallas Observer, and The Scout Guide.


The Brow Project has set the standard and bar high for excellence in cosmetic & aesthetic treatments, and capitalizing on the client experience in the what is now known as "The Pink Place".