The Brow Project's Services Include: 

  • 3D Manual Eyebrow Micro-blading: (manual hair strokes, and the softest, and most natural look. If you want a more shaded in, makeup look, YOU DO NOT WANT MICRO-BLADING). Not ideal for everyone including oily skin types, mature or damaged skin, and clients with little to no brow hairs.

  • " Blade and Shade" Combo Look: (manual hair strokes + soft shading to give a textured look from hair strokes, and soft, dusty color throughout the brow.) Better option for oily/combination skin, clients with sparse eyebrows, and if you prefer a slightly more dramatic look than micro-blading gives.

  • Prism Powder Brow: (by machine, powdery, makeup look. Cleaner edges because this technique is done with a small configuration of needles.) Ideal for most skin and for clients with previous work on the brows.

  • Hybrid Prism Powder Brow: (combo of machine powder brow, and hair strokes in the bulb for the best of both worlds.) Ideal for most skin, and for clients with previous work on the brows.

  • Eye/ Lip :Smoky Lash Enhancement, Winged Liner, and Lip Stick Stain will be offered in 2019- STAY TUNED!

Please feel free to hit the "book an appointment" link on home page to inquire about pricing, and availability!